Warranties – What Do And Don’t They Cover?

Mar 01, 2024

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Everything Nassau County Homeowners
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Window Warranties

Ensure Your Windows
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When you need a window replacement on your Nassau County home, you’re making a big investment. Not only do your replacement windows provide lower power bills during the sweltering Florida summers, but they’ll also increase your property value if you plan on selling your home.

It’s only natural to make sure your investment is covered.

But warranties often aren’t as straightforward as they seem at first. The fine print can be a minefield to navigate through, and if anything happens to your new window replacements, you want to make sure they can be fixed at minimal cost to you.

Let’s dive a little deeper into warranties for replacement windows and give you all the information you need to navigate such a tricky and complicated subject.

What Is A Limited Lifetime Warranty
On Window On A Replacement?

Limited lifetime warranty is one of those phrases you’ll likely hear a lot when shopping around for replacement windows in the Jacksonville Area. But what exactly does it mean?

A limited lifetime warranty covers anything that interferes with your windows’ visual appeal and performance. Not having windows that work properly is a no-go for homeowners in Nassau County – especially during hurricane season! You need to know if your windows will work as they should. Your home and safety could depend on it!

What Does A Limited Lifetime Warranty
On Your Window Replacement Cover?

A limited lifetime warranty doesn’t cover everything, which is one of the misconceptions homeowners have about warranties.

What the warranty covers varies depending on the replacement window manufacturer. You can only have the window fixed by a window replacement company approved by your manufacturer, or you risk voiding your warranty.

At Preferred Upgrades, we carry many types of vinyl windows and hurricane impact windows which are manufactured by different companies, including:

  • CWS (Custom Windows System)
  • Alside’s Mezzo
  • Simonton
  • PGT

We will give you all the information you need about whichever window manufacturer you choose – including all the necessary warranty information.

Does Lifetime Actually Mean Lifetime For
My Window Replacement’s Warranty?

Lifetime sounds like a long time, but don’t let this term confuse you. Lifetime is the time period that the window manufacturer sets for how long a window should last.

For cheaper replacement windows, “lifetime” may only mean a few years. Sturdier, higher-end brands like those we carry at Preferred Upgrades may be closer to 20 – 25 years.

What Do Window Replacement Warranties Generally Cover?

It can be challenging to figure out what your replacement windows’ warranty does and doesn’t cover. But here are the most common things warranties generally cover.

  • Gas Fills (Energy-Efficient Windows) – gas fills inside the panes of energy-efficient windows shouldn’t leak. If they do, it should be covered under warranty.
  • Glass Breakage – some, but not all, manufacturers cover accidental glass breakage with some restrictions
  • Window Materials – your window materials are usually covered if there are defects
  • Installation – if your windows are installed incorrectly, it’s usually covered by the warranty
  • Hardware – your warranty will usually cover all the parts needed for your windows
  • Defects – if there are defects in any parts of your window, it’s usually covered under warranty
  • Films – also referred to as obstruction of view, films over the glass affect the functionality of your windows and are usually covered under warranty

Preferred Upgrades: Nassau County’s Top Choice
For Premium Window Replacements

When you need replacement windows for your Nassau County home, calling around to find the right quote and the right installer can be frustrating.

That’s why we’ll make it easy for you – Preferred Upgrades is one of the top window installers in the Jacksonville Area. We prioritize hard work, stellar customer service, and high-quality products to perfectly suit your Florida home.

Don’t wait to install your window replacement. Reach out to us online or call us at 904-503-2467 to schedule your free consultation!