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Mar 29, 2024

Siding In Clay County By Preferred Upgrades

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Siding
To Handle The Clay County Climate

Ensure Your New Siding Will Handle
Everything Mother Nature
Throws At It

Homeowners who are replacing their siding in Clay Countyhave several concerns about the process. Most are concerned about choosing the right color to make their home look fabulous.

However, there is another concern that homeowners should have during their siding installation. Will the siding they choose to handle the weather we see in the Jacksonville area?

Florida is known for having beautiful weather year-round, which is one reason that so many people decide to make Florida their home. However, Mother Nature rears her ugly face occasionally in the area.

High winds, torrential rain, and sweltering hot temperatures with high humidity are just a few of the weather issues we deal with. When you factor in hurricanes that hit here, you know that your siding needs to be durable.

After all, who wants to replace their siding only to find it highly damaged when the first storm hits the area? That is why you should consider these tips for choosing siding meant to handle the weather.

1. Find Siding That Is Rated To Withstand
Hurricane Force Winds

There have been times when hurricane winds have reached over 100 miles per hour. Imagine that strong wind hitting your siding.

If the siding you have chosen cannot withstand these winds, you will have a mess on your hands once you go outside to clean up the debris and damage. Wind can cause the siding to get ripped off the home, bend, dent, and make your new siding look like it has been put through the wringer.

Siding that is rated to withstand hurricane-force winds is a must-have for homes in the Jacksonville area. When rated this high, the siding is more likely to stand intact when hurricanes descend on the area. And you can bet that the siding will withstand a typical storm.

2. Insulated Siding Can Help You Battle The Heat Of Summer

When the thermostats outside are high, and the humidity is even higher, the insulated siding will ensure that the interior of your home will be nice and cool.

With the proper siding, you can allow your HVAC to cool your home properly since the siding keeps the heat old and the cool air inside your home.

Insulated siding is one of the must-haves that Florida homeowners should put on their list.

3. Ensure The Proper Person Handles Your Siding Installation

Siding installation is not a job left to someone who has watched a few YouTube videos or read a book. Properly installed siding will handle the climate of the area as it should.

While there is nothing wrong with DIY projects, siding is best left to the professionals. In addition, you could lose out on any warranty that comes with the siding when you install this on your own rather than letting a professional handle the job.

Do proper research to ensure that the company you have chosen is dependable before you begin the process.

4. Opt For Siding That Is Tested Against
Hail And Rain Damage

Rain and hail are two weather components that we see from time to time in the Clay County area. When these hit, there is always a chance of damage to homes and vehicles.

When you opt for siding that is tested against hail and rain damage, you are less likely to be one of those having to call your insurance company after a strong storm.

Siding rated to withstand hail will be stronger than typical vinyl siding. And without any holes in it, the chances of having rain damage are minimal.

5. A Siding That Promises Not To Rot
Or Absorb Water Is A Must-Have

Siding from twenty-plus years ago was commonly made from wood. Despite some of the wood being treated, rot was one of the more common issues homeowners with this type of siding faced. After all, Florida is hit with rain, heat, and humidity often, which can cause rot to happen.

The good news is that many siding options are treated to ensure they will not rot or absorb water – even if the water is from intense humidity during the summer.

If your Clay County home needs siding, Preferred Upgrades offers vinyl and fiber cement siding options meant to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way. In various colors and styles, you can get beautiful curb appeal and a product that will last.

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