3 Reasons You Need Hurricane Window Replacements In Jacksonville

Aug 25, 2023

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3 Excellent Ways Hurricane Window
Replacements Could Save You
Money In Jacksonville

Hurricane Windows Are
Amazing To Have

You have tons of choices when it comes to Jacksonville window replacement. You could also opt for what your neighbors have or choose something custom-made to your unique wants and desires.

However, have you ever considered hurricane impact windows? These windows can be a great addition to your home. They are rated to withstand the wind of a category five hurricane while having a stylish look.

When homeowners in the Jacksonville area choose something other than hurricane window replacements, they could be throwing away some significant savings.

Yes, hurricane windows could actually save you money in the long run. How?

Check out these three ways hurricane windows save you money!

1. Hurricane Window Replacement Saves On Energy Costs

While almost any newer replacement window on the market will save you energy costs, hurricane windows may offer even more savings thanks to a high energy efficiency rating.

The higher rating on these windows is due to how they are manufactured. To ensure they are strong enough to withstand damaging hurricane windows, they use two or three coated layers of laminated glass to ensure UV rays are not penetrating the glass and to provide additional strength.

Yes, other types of windows you opt for may also use layers of laminated glass. However, the unique way these layers are put together makes hurricane windows so much better.

Due to this, you could save significant money on your energy bills each month. In addition, you will feel the difference inside your home throughout the year.

How much could you save every month? Several factors affect how much you could see in savings, including the age of your HVAC unit and the airtightness of your home. However, many people who installed these windows often felt the difference once all the windows were replaced.

According to the Department of Energy, those who upgrade their windows can save up to $300 a year on energy bills.

2. Avoid Potential Damage With Hurricane
Window Replacements

For any Jacksonville homeowner who has been through a hurricane, you know how much damage can happen and the costs associated with the repairs. Thanks to these windows being impact resistant, you are reducing the chances of having damage to clean up.

Granted hurricane windows are not going to prevent other damage to your property from happening. But anyone who has had to clean up glass from broken windows knows how much of a detailed task it can be.

Replacing all the broken windows can be a long process because you won’t be the only one in the Jacksonville area who needs it done. You can avoid the headache when you opt for hurricane windows in the first place.

3. Jacksonville Insurance Savings With
Hurricane Window Replacements

There could be some money savings in store for you from your insurance company when you opt for hurricane windows. Many insurance companies will view it as a safety feature in your home that deserves a discount on your policy.

For example, most homeowners with fire extinguishers in their homes receive a small discount on their policy for their preparedness. Hurricane windows can be viewed as being on the same preparedness level and showcase a responsible homeowner.

In addition, hurricane windows are looked at by insurance companies as a safety feature that cuts down on burglaries. In most cases, when a robber attempts to get into a home, the window is the point of entry. Hurricane windows, thanks to being unbreakable, are robust against potential crime.

Are Hurricane Window Replacements
The Best Choice For You?

Saving money is great, but many people still wonder if hurricane windows are the right choice for their home. These thoughts are completely understandable. After all, hurricane windows are more expensive than your average window replacement.

However, if you live in the Jacksonville area, which tends to get hit by a hurricane every two years and see tropical storms yearly, the real question is: do you feel safe without hurricane windows?

Are you willing to have your windows replaced every few years due to damage? While your insurance may help to cover some of the costs, you will be responsible for the deductible.

In most cases, anyone in a hurricane zone will not regret going with hurricane window replacements in their home. It will make you feel safer and save you money in the long run.

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Hurricane Window Replacements

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