Popular Styles For Lanai Conversions

Apr 09, 2024

Lanai Conversions In Jacksonville Beach By Preferred Upgrades

The Styles Of Lanai Conversions To Choose
From For Your Jacksonville Beach Home

Enjoy The Beauty Of The Outdoors
With A Custom Living Space

There is nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in a new lanai conversion in Jacksonville Beach.

Our area offers some of the most tranquil and stunning views in the nation, and homeowners are often searching for the best space to enjoy them. Patios are a wonderful option but can sometimes come with drawbacks.

Without protection from the rain or the insects, you may find your peaceful time outdoors interrupted more often than you would like.

Lanai conversions are a wonderful solution to this problem. The enclosed space offers a protected outdoor living space that you can enjoy and use for entertaining, relaxing, and more.

If you are considering getting a lanai enclosure built for your home, then you may be wondering what styles you have to choose from and how to design the best lanai conversion for your home.

Preferred Upgrades is here to help with this helpful guide to popular styles and design options.

The Styles Available For Your Lanai Enclosure

When you are designing your lanai enclosure, there are a few simple style choices that you can choose from to ensure your living space meets your needs.

One of the most popular choices for homeowners is a partially enclosed lanai. This is the ideal blend of both worlds. With a partially enclosed lanai, you can enjoy the breeze and the natural light of the outdoors while being protected from the rain or insects.

You can incorporate a glass enclosure in one area of the lanai and a screen in other sections.

The glass will help protect you from the elements while the screens let in the relaxing natural breeze from the outdoors.

If you would rather have a lanai that is completely enclosed with glass, you can do so. Glass lanai enclosures are the ideal option for homeowners who want to ensure they can always enjoy their outdoor living space regardless of the weather.

When designing your glass-surrounded lanai, be sure to choose glass that is both durable and energy-efficient.

Energy-efficient glass will help your living space remain cool and comfortable even in the humid summers we experience in the Jacksonville area.

Once you have chosen the ideal style for your lanai conversion, it’s time to think about how you are going to decorate it to make it the ideal space for your needs and personal style.

Creating An Exceptional Flow In
Your Outdoor Living Space

There are many reasons why homeowners in Jacksonville Beach choose to get a lanai conversion. You may be looking for a place to entertain outdoors, cook, or relax after a long day.

You may also be looking for a space that can do it all. Thankfully, with a lanai enclosure, you don’t have to choose. Creating the space you want is all about designing a living arrangement with a smooth flow.

Consider creating distinct areas in your lanai enclosure that meet all of your needs. One section could have a comfy chair for relaxation, while another can have a table and chairs for dining and entertaining.

Think about what you want to use your outdoor living space for before starting the lanai conversion process. This will help you choose the ideal style for your needs and the size that will allow you to do everything you want with the new living space.

Turn To A Company That Can Offer A Custom Lanai
Conversion For Your Jacksonville Beach Home

When it comes to lanai conversions, the sky is truly the limit as long as you work with a company dedicated to providing custom options that meet your needs.

Preferred Upgrades does just that.

Our team is here to help you design a lanai enclosure that meets all of your needs and enhances the style of your home. We know that not every homeowner is the same, so we offer custom options personalized to your needs.

With our high-quality products and exceptional installation techniques, we can help you build the lanai conversion that completely transforms your outdoor living space into the relaxing oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready to start a lanai conversion in your Jacksonville Beach home? Reach out to the experts at Preferred Upgrades to get your free estimate today.