Choosing The Best Hardware For Your Doors

Mar 25, 2024

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How To Pick The Right Hardware For
Your Entry Door System
In Nassau County

Beautiful Hardware
For Entry Doors

Your Nassau County entry door does a lot of things. Not only does it make a statement to visitors and neighbors, but it also shields the interior of your home from elements, pests, and potential break-ins.

But nothing brings down a beautiful entry door more than scratched, ugly hardware. Whether your doorknob is damaged, the hinges are worn, or the key gets stuck in a scratched keyhole, you can depend on Preferred Upgrades for stunning hardware for your entry door.

Hardware isn’t just hardware. It serves an important function as well as highlights the visual appeal of your entry door. If you have mobility issues, some hardware can make it more difficult to open your door. If you have young children, you’ll want hardware that little hands can’t easily open.

Don’t wait another day looking at ugly, impractical hardware. Discover how to choose the best hardware for your Jacksonville area entry door.

Tip 1: Consider What You Need From
Your Entry Door Hardware

Levers may feel more comfortable than knobs to some, such as older Floridians and those with mobility issues who may struggle to operate door knobs.

Levers may be a bad idea if you have small children or pets who can easily operate them and let themselves outside.

Consider your lifestyle and understand what you need from your entry door’s hardware.

Tip 2: Match Your House And Entry Door’s Style

You want to make sure your hardware matches your entry door. Often, more than one hardware style and finish will look great with your door style.

If you’re unsure what style to choose, evaluate other features of your home, such as outdoor lamps, window frames, and trim.

There are countless hardware styles out there, and the choices can be overwhelming. The best guidance is to choose something you like that matches your style.

Don’t choose a boring door knob or lever that will diminish the beauty of your gorgeous entry door. Choose something traditional, minimalist, ornate, or something else entirely. The choice is yours!

Tip 3: Choose The Finish You Want For
Your Entry Door’s Hardware

Finishes are a great way to highlight your entry door. Glossy silver, chrome, or gold finishes draw the eye to your home and lend a luxurious vibe. Shiny hardware may pair well with front doors with a luxury style, such as glass accents or custom sidelights. They also might help duller, more muted entry door colors pop.

If your home has a minimalist style, choosing sleek, streamlined hardware fits well into your aesthetic. If you have a darker entry door, such as darker wood, black, or navy, darker hardware may disappear against the shade of the door, creating a confusing visual.

What is the finish – or finishes – on your interior hardware? What about your plumbing, furniture (especially outdoor furniture near your entry door if you want a truly streamlined look), and cabinet handles?

Don’t be afraid to mix finishes. If your home has multiple finishes or a more contemporary style, mixing finishes may add charm to your entry door.

For The Best Entry Doors In Nassau County,
Look To Preferred Upgrades

We know the importance of choosing the right front door. From the appearance to the durability, your entry door needs to stand firm against anything that could damage the interior of your home. It’s also the first thing visitors notice when they approach your home.

At Preferred Upgrades, our entry doors are built to last and look gorgeous for years to come. Secure, durable, and long-lasting, your entry door from Preferred Upgrades will be one less thing to worry about!

If you live in Nassau County and are thinking of updating your entry door, reach out to us online or call us at 904-503-2467 for your free estimate!