The Most Secure Materials For Entry Doors In St. Johns County

Dec 19, 2023

White entry door with white trim on a green house

The Most Secure Materials For Your Entry
Doors In The St. Johns County Area

Keep Your Home Safe And Sound
With A Stunning Front Door

Upgrade your home security with strong entry doors in St. Johns County.

A secure front door keeps your home safe and sound. A strong entry door deters intruders, giving you peace of mind. Plus, the new entry doors look great, too.

At Preferred Upgrades, our expert team installs entry doors with top-notch security features, from material to hardware. Our crew takes pride in PERFECT installation, so we’ll get all the details right to make sure your door stands strong.

Invest in your peace of mind with secure entry doors.

Why Do Secure Entry Doors Matter For
Your St. Johns County Home?

When you’re thinking about an entry door installation in the Jacksonville area, one of the first things you should consider is home security.

Everyone wants to be able to relax at home and feel completely safe. Your front door should keep out weather, pests, intruders, and anything else you don’t want in your home.

The most important factor to consider for secure entry doors is the material.

We’ve all seen those crime shows where someone just kicks a door down. Modern doors have come a long way – with our doors, you wouldn’t even see a dent. The person doing the kicking would just end up with some very sore toes.

So, what are some materials to consider?

The two strongest materials for entry doors are steel and fiberglass. We offer a variety of steel and fiberglass doors that are practically indestructible – crafted and installed with your home security in mind.

High-Security Steel Entry Doors

Why is steel one of the strongest materials for entry doors?

Steel doors are the gold standard for entry door security. They are strong, rigid, and incredibly secure.

Our steel doors are created from one piece of steel, providing maximum protection for your home. There aren’t any seams or weak points that an intruder – or a pest – could take advantage of.

Plus, these doors won’t warp or rot, so you won’t have to watch out for weak spots over time.

If you want secure entry doors, steel is a go-to option.

You don’t have to pick between style and security, either. Our steel doors come in a variety of colors, finishes, and designs. There’s an option that’s just right for any home.

Consider Strong Fiberglass Entry Doors For Your Home

Fiberglass doors are incredibly strong – usually even stronger than metal, pound for pound.

Fiberglass is made from fine fibers of glass along with plastic or resin. The composition of fiberglass makes it versatile and durable. Some fiberglass is even bulletproof.

Our fiberglass doors are crafted from fiberglass and polyurethane foam. The finished product doesn’t just keep your home safe. It insulates your home from the weather, too.

Even better? Fiberglass doors are some of the most stunning doors out there. They can be created with a variety of finishes to even look like wood. Doors that are gorgeous AND secure are pretty hard to pass up.

Customization Can Create Even More Secure Entry Doors

Once you’ve picked the strongest materials for your actual door, it’s time to consider the other elements.

Strong entry doors are a great place to start. However, the door frame and hardware are also important to consider.

We offer customizable front entry door installations. You can choose glassware, hardware, style, and frame options.

Every single element of your door installation can be customized to provide maximum security. We’ll never compromise on looks, either.

Expert Installation Ensures Secure Entry Doors

The material you choose for your door matters – but installation is just as important for truly secure entry doors.

Why does installation matter?

It doesn’t matter how strong your door is if it’s not secured properly. Little details have major importance when it comes to keeping your home and family safe.

Our team treats your home like it’s our own. We don’t cut any corners when installing entry doors. We’ll do our part to make sure your front door is strong and sturdy. Contact Preferred Upgrades today for a free consultation, no strings attached.