Rules For Entry Doors Sidelights In Nassau County

Mar 21, 2024

Entry Doors In Nassau County By Preferred Upgrades

6 Rules To Follow When Choosing Sidelights
For Your Nassau County Entry Doors

Your Entry Door Sidelights Can Make
Or Break Your Curb Appeal

Choosing an entry door for your home can be difficult. However, add in choosing a Nassau County entry door with sidelights, and the options can become overwhelming.

Luckily, there are rules that you can follow that can help make choosing the best sidelights for the entry door of your Jacksonville area home easy. Despite what many people think, the sidelights can make or break the “mood” of your curb appeal, so sidelights are more than small windows.

1. Entry Doors Colors & Sidelights

The color of your entry door, coupled with the actual exterior of your home, can play a huge role in choosing sidelights. When it comes to color, there are two rules that people follow when choosing their sidelights.

One, if you have a tall roofline, you can have sidelights with trim matching the entry door.

Two, if you have a shorter roof line, then having the sidelight trim matching your door can make your home look tiny. In these cases, you want to opt for sidelights that are trimmed in a color that matches your home and often in a neutral color.

That means you need to take a step back and look at the roof of your home. Is it high and open? Or low and flat?

2. Entry Doors That Have Sidelights With Textured
Glass Enhance Home Security

While there are several homeowners who opt for clear glass, much like the glass in their windows, if security is a worry, then go with textured glass.

In addition, you will find that textured glass on your sidelights can add a dash of luxury and elegance to your front door while being more secure. So, it offers the best of both worlds.

There are various styles of textured glass, so you need to choose what personally caters to your tastes.

3. Consider The Style Of Your Nassau County Home

While sidelights are beautiful with entry doors, they are only going to work when they fit the style of your home. For example, a Colonial-style home is not going to look right with sidelights and entry doors that are mostly seen on a beach house.

Use your best judgment when looking at sidelights that compliment the style of your home, as well as your entry door. Go with what looks right for the style of home you have.

4. Do You Want One Or Two Sidelights
For Your Exterior Doors?

Sidelights are defined as narrow, vertical windows that can be on the sides of your entry door. However, do you go with both sides or just one side?

The number of sidelights you choose is up to you. Some like the balanced look of having sidelights on both sides of their entry door. However, there are just as many people who have one sidelight on their entry door due to space restrictions.

What looks best to you: one or two sidelights for your entry door?

5. Sizing The Sidelights For Your Entry Doors

There are various sizes of sidelights available. It can be tempting to go with the old adage, “Go big or go home.” However, you could be making a huge design flaw if you do that.

Your sidelights should be sized to compliment your entry door. After all, you want your entry door and sidelights to welcome those who step up to your front door, not to make them wonder who the poor schmuck was that designed your entrance.

6. Choosing Insulated Sidelights For Your Front Door

One worry that many people have when opting to have sidelights with their entry doors is that they are opening themselves up to energy loss. And when you do have energy loss, you pay for it with higher energy bills.

The good news is that sidelights come in insulated options that are efficient, just as if you were replacing a window. When you replace the entry door and add new sidelights, you will probably have something higher on the energy efficiency scale than what you had before.

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