Why Avoid DIY Duval County Entry Doors Installation

Nov 09, 2023

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4 Issues That Arise With DIY Entry Doors
Installation On Your Duval County Home

Don’t Fall Victim To These Issues, Call
The Pros For Installation

Many homeowners take on many DIY projects around their homes, including installing Duval County entry doors. However, while there are many DIY projects you can handle with ease, door installation is not one of those tasks to tackle.

When you consider how vital your entry door is to your Jacksonville area home, it is definitely something that should be taken seriously. Can you say with absolute certainty that if you were to install your own entry door, it would be perfect?

Before you answer that, let’s look at the four issues that can arise with DIY entry door installation before you take the plunge and realize you have gotten in over your head!

1. Improper Weatherization With DIY Entry Doors Installation

Your entry door is one of the openings in your home that can easily let in the hot temperatures in the Jacksonville area. Thus, it is vital that a door is installed correctly to prevent weatherization issues.

Why is this so important? When the entry door of your home doesn’t fit properly, you will find issues like:

  • Your HVAC working harder to keep your home cool
  • Pests can easily get inside your home
  • Being uncomfortable in your house
  • Rain could leak in around the door

Ultimately, you could see many issues pop up that are all due to your entry door not being installed and weatherized properly.

2. Security Issues Arise Within Your Duval County Home

How safe will you feel if your entry door does not shut properly? Or perhaps the hinges don’t align properly, which makes it almost impossible to lock? These are all severe security issues that you could face when you attempt to install entry doors yourself.

Proper alignment of your entry door is vital to ensuring locks work correctly and the door ultimately shuts as it should. Many of those who attempt a DIY entry door installation often discover the hard way it was a mistake because of the security issues they run into.

3. Your DIY Doors installation Could Cause
Structural Integrity Issues

Did you know that an improperly installed door can lead to structural damage? There have been cases of DIY installation that lead to the frames of the doors starting to crack and break, ultimately affecting the doorway.

Before you think, okay, a few cracks in the door frame are no big deal, think again. There are those who find that after the door frame starts to crack, they notice they develop cracks along the wall where the door is located.

It may be nothing more than cosmetic issues, but it could also mean the entire structure of the house is being affected.

4. Voiding Doors Warranty

Doors often come with a warranty. However, many homeowners do not realize that by installing this themselves, they often void the warranty.

While it may not seem like that big of a deal, if you start to experience issues, you are looking to pay for the repair yourself or replace the door on your own dime.

Now, multiply the situation by several doors throughout a few years, and you will spend quite a significant chunk of change. All because you voided the warranty by doing a DIY installation.

Why Proper Doors Installation Is A Must Have
For Your Duval County Home

While these are four significant issues that arise when you attempt a DIY entry door installation, you must also consider the headache and stress that DIY installation can cause. If you are not quite sure of the process and are “winging” it, you can expect to be highly frustrated with the process.

Door installation requires attention to detail, the proper tools, and the correct dimensions. Regardless of how DIY experienced you are, can you say you meet all these requirements?

That is why it is best to have a professional install your entry door. When you do so, you get benefits like:

  • A fully functional warranty that you can rely on if there are issues later
  • Customized doors that are more than what you can find at your local home store
  • Avoiding any type of structural damage to your home due to improper door installation
  • Feeling more safe and secure inside your home since your door will properly shut and lock

In addition, the stress it saves you from trying to teach yourself how to install an entry door is well worth it!

If your Duval County home requires new entry doors, Preferred Upgrades is here for you. Get in touch with one of our experts for your free estimate today!