What To Know Before Signing The Line On Your Jacksonville Window Replacement Contract

Oct 25, 2023

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8 Questions To Ask Your Jacksonville Window
Replacement Contractor Before Signing
On The Dotted Line

Protect Yourself And
Your Home

When it comes time for you to consider a Jacksonville window replacement for your home, there are several questions you will want to ask the contractor you are considering before you sign any contracts.

Asking questions is an essential task for any homeowner to tackle. The answers to these questions will determine whether you love your replacement windows or dread the decision to replace them.

For those in the Jacksonville area, there may be several options for who can install your replacement windows. However, to narrow down your choices, check out these eight questions to ask to determine if you should sign on the dotted line or look elsewhere.

1. What Is Your Track Record With Window Replacement?

Are there tons of great reviews that you can read online? Or do they have customers they can refer you to so you can see the work for yourself?

It is essential that any company you consider can successfully show their window replacement projects to you. It gives you a better idea of their work and whether they fit the job you have in mind.

2. What Type Of Warranty Comes With
The Window Replacements?

While most contractors will offer some type of warranty from the manufacturer of the windows, which the manufacturer dictates, do they offer a guarantee on their work?

You will find that many confident contractors who have been established for some time will offer a warranty on their work. While not every contractor may offer a warranty, it is a nice perk to have on your side.

3. Is The Window Replacement Quote Binding Or Estimated?

If your contractor hands you a quote, question if it is binding or an estimate. If it is an estimate, how much of a difference should you factor in?

Ideally, you want a quote that will be binding but also includes a worst-case scenario in the event the unforeseen happens. For example, two windows that have intense wood rot, resulting in more work on the contractor’s behalf, would qualify as one of those worst-case scenarios.

4. Is The Jacksonville Contractor Licensed And Insured?

You always want a contractor to be licensed and insured when working on your home. Otherwise, you could be toeing a dangerous line.

If a contractor were to cause damage to your home or injure themselves and they have no insurance or license, you could bear the brunt of the financial repercussions.

Any contractor should be willing to provide you with their license number and insurance numbers so you can double-check that the information is current and correct.

5. What Steps Are Taken To Protect The
Home During Window Replacement?

One crucial aspect that many homeowners may not give a second thought to until it’s too late is questioning what steps are taken to protect your home during installation. You want a contractor who will ensure your home is safe while the project occurs.

Do they clean up their mess? Will they haul the old windows away? These are all essential things that will make you happier with the installation.

6. Is Any Service Available After
Window Replacement?

What type of care will the contractor provide after the window installation is done? You don’t want someone to simply walk away after the installation and never answer the phone again.

This question goes hand in hand with the type of warranty offered. You want to be confident that even after the window replacement project is completed, you have someone to call if there are any issues.

7. Is The Contractor Doing The Window Replacement
Or Do They Subcontract Out?

Is the person that you are getting the quote from going to be the one who does the work? Several Jacksonville companies may offer you a quote and then send in a crew they have subcontracted to do the work. In reality, the crew is not associated with the person you hired to do the work.

Why is this a problem? Many homeowners want to know who they hire and who is in their home. Therefore, when a subcontracting crew shows up, it can be rather disappointing.

8. Question Anything In The Window
Replacement Contract You Need To

Ultimately, when looking at any window replacement contract, you need to question anything you don’t understand or are worried about. For example:

  • Is there a guaranteed installation date?
  • Is all the money due upfront or after installation?
  • Are the window styles listed the ones that you want installed?

Consider all of these questions as homework before the big test aka finally getting the replacement windows you’ve always dreamed of for your Jacksonville home.

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