Your Space with Expert Door Installation

Jul 20, 2023

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to install a door! Whether you’re looking to replace an old, worn-out door or simply want to freshen up the look of your space, installing a new door can make a world of difference. Don’t worry if you’ve never tackled this type of project before – with our easy-to-follow instructions and some basic tools, and you can breeze through the door installation Jacksonville FL process like a pro. So grab your measuring tape and transform your doorway into an inviting entrance reflecting your style.

  • Step 1.Remove the old door and frame

The first step in installing a new door is to remove the old one. This may seem daunting, but it can be done relatively easily with patience and the right tools. Start by removing any trim or casing around the door using a pry bar or hammer. Be careful not to damage the surrounding wall as you do this.

Next, unscrew any hinges that are attaching the door to the frame. This might require a bit of time and effort, depending on how many hinges there are. Take your time and make sure all screws are fully removed. Once you have detached the door from its hinges, carefully lift it from its frame. It’s important to note that doors can be heavy, so if you’re working alone, consider enlisting some help for this part.

With the door out of the way, now comes the time to remove the frame. Again, use your trusty pry bar or hammer to gently pry away any nails or screws holding it in place. And just like that – voila! You’ve successfully removed both the old door and frame from your doorway. Now it’s onto measuring and leveling for step two.

  • Step 2.Measure and level the rough opening

Measuring and leveling the rough opening is crucial in installing a door. It ensures your new door fits perfectly, preventing gaps or unevenness. Grab your trusty tape measure and start by measuring the width of the rough opening at three points: top, middle, and bottom. Write down the smallest measurement – this will be your final width. Now move on to measuring the height of the opening using the same method. Again, take note of the shortest measurement, as this will determine your final height.

Next comes leveling. Grab a level tool and place it vertically against each side of the rough opening to check for any slopes or irregularities. Adjust accordingly by adding shims to ensure everything is nice and straight. Remember, precision is key here! Take time with these measurements, as they will determine how well your door fits in its new home.

  • Step 3.Check the sill

Checking the sill is an important step often overlooked when installing a door. The sill, also known as the threshold, is crucial in ensuring proper sealing and weatherproofing of your new door. To begin, inspect the condition of the existing sill. Look for any signs of damage or rotting. Replacing the entire sill before installing is best if you notice any issues.

Next, make sure that the sill is level. This will prevent water from pooling or leaking into your home during heavy rainstorms. Use a level tool to check for evenness across the entire length of the sill. Additionally, ensure that there are no gaps between the bottom of the frame and the top surface of the sill. These gaps can allow drafts and moisture to enter your home, compromising energy efficiency and potentially causing damage over time.

Check for any obstructions, such as debris or dirt, on or beneath the old sill. Clean these out thoroughly before moving forward with installing your new door. Properly checking and preparing your sill ensure a smooth and successful door ins door installation Jacksonville FL process while providing optimal protection against weather elements for years.

  • Step 4.Adjust the jamb according to the measurement you took

So, you’ve measured and leveled your rough opening, and now it’s time to make some adjustments to ensure a perfect fit for your new door. This step is crucial in ensuring your door opens and closes smoothly without any unwanted gaps or drafts. Using the measurements you took earlier, carefully adjust the jamb to match the dimensions of your rough opening. It’s important to be precise here, as even a small miscalculation can cause problems.

Take your time with this step, and double-check your measurements before making any adjustments. A little extra effort now will save you headaches later on. Once you have adjusted the jamb accordingly, ensure it is securely in place before moving on to the next step. You may need shims or other tools to ensure a tight fit.

Remember, every door installation Jacksonville FL is unique, so don’t rush through this process. Take care with each adjustment, and watch for any potential issues. Now that you’ve successfully adjusted the jamb, it’s time to secure the frame with shims! Stay tuned for more tips on installing a door like a pro.

  • Step 5.Secure the frame with shims

After measuring and adjusting the jamb of your new door, it’s time to secure the frame with shims. This step is crucial in ensuring a sturdy and stable Plastpro Door Installation Jacksonville. Shims are small pieces of wood or plastic that can fill gaps between the frame and rough opening. They help to level and square the door frame, preventing any sagging or misalignment.

To begin, place a shim on each side of the frame at about halfway up its height. Gently tap them into place using a hammer until they provide a snug fit. Make sure not to over-tighten, as this could warp the frame. Continue inserting shims every 12 inches along both sides of the frame, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Use a level to check for plumpness and make adjustments as necessary.

Once all the shims are in position, give them one final check by gently pushing against different parts of the doorframe. It should feel solid and secure without any noticeable movement. Securing your doorframe with shims may seem like a minor step, but it plays an important role in maintaining proper alignment for smooth operation. Take your time during this process to achieve optimal results before screwing down the frame into place in our next step!

  • Step 6.Screw the frame into place

Now that you have secured the frame with shims, it’s time to move on to the next step: screwing the frame into place. This is crucial to installing a door as it ensures stability and security. Start by selecting the appropriate screws for your project. Ensure they are long enough to penetrate through the jamb and the wall framing behind it. Using shorter or inadequate screws may result in a loose or unstable door.

Begin by pre-drilling pilot holes in each hinge and latch area on both frame sides. This will prevent any splitting or cracking when inserting the screws. Be sure to align these holes precisely so that your door hangs straight and functions properly. Once you’ve prepped all necessary areas, grab your drill or screwdriver and attach the hinges first. Begin with one screw per hinge, then check if everything is level before adding more screws. Repeat this process for all hinges until they are securely fastened.

Next, move on to securing the latch side of the frame using a similar method. Insert one screw at a time while checking for proper alignment. Don’t overtighten any screws, which could warp or damage the frame. Remember that you can always make adjustments later if needed. Screwing in each component of your door’s frame is essential, contributing greatly to its stability and functionality. Take your time during this step, ensuring accuracy and precision.

  • Step 7.Set the door in place and test it

Congratulations! You’re almost there. It’s time to set the door in its final position and give it a test run. This step is crucial to ensure your newly installed door functions smoothly and securely. Gently lift the door and carefully place it into the frame, ensuring it fits snugly within the opening. Take a moment to check if the hinges align properly with their respective positions on both sides of the jamb.

Once you’ve set the door in place, check its functionality by opening and closing it a few times. Pay attention to any sticking points or resistance while operating the door. If you notice any issues, adjustments may be required. To make necessary adjustments for proper alignment, you can loosen or tighten screws on the hinge plates as needed until everything operates smoothly. Remember to use a level during this process to ensure your door is perfectly plumb and level.

After making all necessary adjustments, take another moment to inspect your work from inside and outside your home. Check for gaps between the frame and wall, ensuring they are minimal or non-existent. Give your newly installed door one final test run by opening and closing it several times with different amounts of force applied. This will help identify any last-minute adjustments needed before considering your door installation Jacksonville FL complete.

And there you have it – a successfully installed new door! You have improved your home’s security measures and added an aesthetic touch that enhances its appeal. Remember, installing a new door requires careful measurements, precision adjustments, and patience throughout each step – but don’t worry; with some practice (and perhaps a friend’s helping hand), anyone can master this skill. Now sit back, admire your handy workmanship (pun intended!), and enjoy all the benefits of having a beautiful new entranceway into your home.

Extra pro tips for installing a door

Whether upgrading your home or replacing a worn-out door, this step-by-step guide will provide you with all the pro tips you need for a successful installation. Installing a door may seem daunting, but it can be done smoothly and efficiently with the right techniques and tools.

  • Choose a pre-hung door if possible

When choosing a door for your home, opting for a pre-hung door can be a game-changer. Why? Well, first and foremost, it saves you time and effort during the installation process. A pre-hung door is attached to its frame, making the Plastpro Door Installation Jacksonville process much simpler and faster. Another advantage of choosing a pre-hung door is ensuring proper alignment and fit. With all the components perfectly aligned at the factory, you won’t have to worry about adjusting hinges or trying to make everything line up correctly. This means less frustration and more peace of mind knowing that your door will function smoothly from day one.

Additionally, pre-hung doors often come with weatherstripping included, which helps improve insulation and energy efficiency in your home. By sealing gaps between the doorframe and the wall, you can prevent drafts from entering your living space while keeping cool air inside during hot summers or warm air inside during chilly winters. So if possible, consider opting for a pre-hung door when replacing or installing new doors in your home. It’s an investment that saves you time and guarantees a professionally installed look with enhanced functionality!

  • Insulate external doors with expansion foam

Insulating external doors is important in ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. One effective method for insulating these doors is by using expansion foam. This versatile material can easily fill gaps and cracks, providing a tight seal that prevents air leaks and drafts. Prepare the area around the door by cleaning any debris or dust. Then, using a foam gun or straw applicator, carefully apply the expansion foam into the gaps between the door frame and the wall. Start from the bottom and work your way up to ensure even coverage.

As you apply the foam, be mindful not to overfill it, as this can cause damage to the door frame or prevent the proper functioning of the door. It’s also important to allow enough time for the foam to expand and cure before trimming off any excess with a utility knife. Once applied, expansion foam provides excellent insulation properties as it expands to fill every nook and cranny. It creates an airtight barrier that helps keep out unwanted noise, moisture, insects, and outside temperatures.

  • Caulk the joints

Caulking the joints is an essential step when installing a door. It helps to seal any gaps or cracks, preventing drafts, water infiltration, and even pests from entering your home. Here are some tips to ensure a proper caulking job. Make sure you have the right caulk for the job. Look for a high-quality silicone or latex caulk specifically designed for exterior use. This will provide superior adhesion and flexibility.

Before applying the caulk, clean the joint thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. Use a brush or vacuum to get rid of loose particles. A clean surface will help the caulk adhere better and last longer. Cut off the caulk tube tip at an angle using a utility knife. Start with a small opening; you can always make it larger if necessary. Apply steady pressure on the trigger while moving along the joint continuously. Be careful not to apply too much caulk, leading to messy results. Aim for a smooth and consistent bead of caulk that fills up all gaps completely but doesn’t overflow onto adjacent surfaces. Use your finger or a caulking tool to smooth out and shape the caulk before it dries completely. This will create an even finish and improve its appearance.

Remember, proper caulking enhances your door’s performance and adds beauty to your home’s exterior by creating seamless joints between different materials.


Regarding door installation Jacksonville FL, you can trust a reliable and experienced team of professionals to ensure your project is completed with utmost precision and care. These experts possess the necessary skills and knowledge to guide you seamlessly through every step of the process, making it a stress-free experience. From choosing the perfect door that complements your home’s aesthetics to measuring accurately and handling any unforeseen obstacles expertly, they leave no room for errors or compromise on quality. The meticulous attention given during installation guarantees a flawless finish that enhances the overall appeal of your property and improves energy efficiency by sealing gaps. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, these dedicated professionals offer an unparalleled service that effortlessly transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Trusting in their expertise means entrusting your dream door installation or door replacement Jacksonville project to capable hands – hands that will bring beauty, functionality, and lasting value to your home.