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Bold and beautiful Jacksonville siding can easily be yours, thanks to the options we offer here at Preferred Upgrades. Imagine brand new siding on your home and how it would sparkle – the image you have looks great, right?

What color do you see? What texture? These are essential questions to ask when opting for new siding on your Jacksonville area home.

Luckily, we are here to help. While we can’t tell you what color to envision on your home, we can ensure you are getting some of the best siding on the market installed by those who know what they are doing.

Whether you are ready to take the plunge and enhance your curb appeal or know your current siding allows water to run into your home, Preferred Upgrades is here to handle the job.

Preferred Upgrades Siding Options
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Siding Installations

The siding of your home can make or break its curb appeal. However, damaged siding can cause harm to your home. When siding is damaged, it can allow water to penetrate, creating tons of issues.

With that being said, whether you want to replace your siding due to damage or are looking to boost your curb appeal, we have you covered.

We deal with many siding manufacturers to offer vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. We often recommend Alside’s Coventry vinyl siding, Odyssey Plus Premium Vinyl Siding, Charter Oak Vinyl siding, Prodigy Insulated siding, and Ascend composite cladding system for our vinyl siding.

The fiber cement manufacturer we tend to gravitate towards is Hardie, thanks to their explicitly designed system to handle the humidity of Florida weather.

All our siding, no matter what you choose, comes in various styles and colors, so you can make as bold a statement as you want with your home.

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Why Turn To Preferred Upgrades
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Friendly Customer Service

From the first call to the last piece of trash picked up after installing your siding, you can expect us to be friendly and the customer service to be out of this world. While other companies treat customers like a number, you are treated like a friend to us.

Our dedication to providing you with all the information upfront and being involved in every step makes our customer service stand out to those in the Jacksonville area.

Beautiful Products

We offer several different brands of siding, so we have something that will work with everyone’s vision and budget. However, all our products are of high quality and will ensure your home looks beautiful for years.

Trusted Installers

Installing siding is not a job that everyone can do. Our installers are trained on properly installing siding, so it looks good, is fully functional, and will give you no issues for years.

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“Professionally installed. It’s the best price in town. They were right there every step of the way if I had any questions or concerns. I can’t thank you enough!!” – Ray H.

“Their product sells itself, and the salesman is very knowledgeable and very professional.” – Bill J.

“They were on time, and the job was done quickly.” – John M.

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5 Common Questions About Our Siding Services

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Q: Does Home Insurance Cover The Cost Of Siding?

A: If storms have damaged your home’s siding, there is a high chance that your home insurance will pay to replace your siding, and you will be responsible for the deductible.

However, if you want to upgrade your siding on your own, we offer financing for those who qualify, which includes options where no down payment is required for the project.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we offer financing. It is through a third-party lender, and no down payment is required. The form is quick and painless to complete.

Q: Is Fiber Cement Siding A Good Choice For My Home?

A: Fiber cement siding can be an excellent choice for your home. It is meant to last for decades while being less expensive than wood. We work with Hardie fiber cement siding for our customers. This brand offers tons of colors and uses technology to ensure the color doesn’t fade from the harsh Florida sun.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Siding?

A: Vinyl siding is a great option for any homeowner. It is a lower-cost solution compared to other exterior materials while also being durable and easy to maintain. Those who go with vinyl can estimate to get twenty to forty years out of the siding.

Q: Can Siding Be Placed Over Brick?

A: A new trend that many homeowners are doing is changing the look of their brick homes with siding. Siding can be placed over the brick, but it requires a bit more work to ensure a tight bond is formed, but the vinyl will look amazing.

Q: What Brands Of Siding Do You Offer?

A: Unlike other companies, we don’t limit ourselves to working exclusively with just one brand of siding. We know our customers have different needs; therefore, offering the numerous brands we work with makes sense.

We work with the following brands:

  • Prodigy Insulated siding
  • Charter Oak Vinyl siding
  • Alside’s Coventry vinyl siding
  • Ascend composite cladding system
  • Odyssey Plus Premium vinyl siding
  • Hardie board fiber cement plank siding

“Worked with Ray to tear down our old screened porch and installed a new sunroom with 7 awesome sliding house windows. Ray, Mike and their team did an excellent job and we are so happy with the final result. Now spend most of my time here. Great value for the job.”

Vicki D.
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“Worked with Ray to tear down our old screened porch and installed a new sunroom with 7 awesome sliding house windows. Ray, Mike and their team did an excellent job and we are so happy with the final result. Now spend most of my time here. Great value for the job.”

- Vicki D.

“Professionally installed. We love our new windows and French door. Best price in town. Questions or concerns, Ray was right there every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough!!”

- Ray H.

“Excellent process all the way through from ordering to install. I had a room that was very warm in the morning because of the rising sun in the AM. After installing new windows, the room is no longer warm in the AM!!!! Huge difference. Thank you Windows Direct!!!!”

- Rory R.

“Excellent service,very professional people to deal with.The whole process from beginning to end was excellent. Would recommend them to everyone looking to have new windows. Very pleased with them.”

- Judith Z.

“These guys came in and quickly measured, quoted and then kept me updated through the whole process. Great Work. I was even able to continue working in the house while they worked around me.”

- Arthur and Claudia G.

“We were exceptionally pleased by the whole process. Ray was excellent to work with and the crew who came out to do the installation were first rate. The windows look great. Check out this company in Jacksonville.”

- Ken P.
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