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Sturdy And Beautiful Doors For Your Home
In Jacksonville From Preferred Upgrades

You Can Have Both Strength &
Looks With Our Doors

For many homeowners who are considering Jacksonville door replacements, they think they have to choose between having something beautiful or having something strong and sturdy. But what if you could have both?

You can! You no longer have to choose between a desire for beauty and security with our door options.

A beautiful door helps boost your curb appeal, while a strong door will help you feel more at ease and secure. Preferred Upgrades offers a variety of door replacements that will check the box in looks and strength for those in the Jacksonville area.

When working with Preferred Upgrades, you can be sure that we take your wants seriously and will go out of our way to ensure you are happy with the door we install.

The Endless Door Options We Offer
For Jacksonville Homeowners

Yellow Bedroom With Sliding Patio Doors

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Door Replacements

We are proud to offer strong doors that are also beautiful. Here at Preferred Upgrades, we deal with entry doors and patio doors.

Our entry doors are made of steel or fiberglass material to ensure strength. Our hardware options, colors, and styles will allow you to choose the door that adds the most beauty to your home. Plus, we can install storm doors to add even more appeal.

We offer sliding and hinged patio doors for those looking to replace the double doors in their home. We even offer patio doors that have blinds built into them for extra privacy.

With the hardware options you can get on all of these doors, the design you choose will be uniquely you.

Our door brands include the following:

  • Mezzo
  • ProVia
  • PlastPro
  • Simonton
  • ThermaTru

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White Fiberglass Door On Gray Siding House

Why Jacksonville Homeowners
Trust Preferred Upgrades

Honest To The Core

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Honest & Quality Customer Service

The entire remodeling industry has developed a bad reputation for many homeowners. Preferred Upgrades makes it our job to change how you feel about remodeling your home.

That is why you can always depend on honest answers and quality customer service when you work with us. We are an open book and encourage questions to show how well-versed we are regarding the doors we install in your home.

Unique Products

We offer several types of doors to homeowners in the area, and that selection is only of products we deem remarkable. We will never install something substandard that will require replacement again in a year or so.

Trusted Installers

Our door installers know what they are doing, and they will ensure your door shuts and opens appropriately. Through the latest training, our installers are well-equipped to always do right by you.

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Preferred Upgrades Customer Reviews

Our Customer Base Is Amazing

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“We picked Preferred Upgrades initially because they could install custom height doors of the right material, and the price was very competitive. We will use them again, and we have recommended them to our friends because of their incredible service. They kept us informed throughout the process. The installers were all very personable and professional. They did a great job of cleaning up, too. They take pride in their work and stand behind their product.” – John L.

“Customer service is outstanding, and the quality of work was great.” – Robert X.

“Fiberglass French doors were installed to replace steel doors. The crew was on time, and the job was done quickly.” – John M.

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Common Questions We Are Asked About Doors

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Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: We work with a third-party lender to offer financing that only requires filling out a quick form to get approved.

Q: Should I Consider Adding A Storm Door To My House?

A: Not everyone likes the look of storm doors on their home, so that is a personal decision. However, we will say that a storm door can be another layer of protection in Florida’s hot humidity while protecting your entry door..

Q: How Long Does It Take To Replace Doors?

A: Most door replacements take a few hours unless we deal with a unique situation. When giving the initial quote for your door replacement, we will also give a timeframe for how long the work will take.

Q: Are Steel Doors Heavier Than Fiberglass?

A: Steel doors are heavier than fiberglass. Both types are strong and will work great for entryways. Steel doors are often considered a bit more basic than fiberglass doors, so there are also looks to consider when choosing either.

Both options make a great entry door. You need to decide what works best for your home.

Q: Could My Old Door Be A Source Of Energy Loss?

A: Yes, it can. Old doors that are no longer sealing may be why your energy bills have increased. In addition, they could allow pests to get into your home. If you can feel air coming around your door or see light, a door replacement may be your best option.

“Excellent process all the way through from ordering to install. I had a room that was very warm in the morning because of the rising sun in the AM. After installing new windows, the room is no longer warm in the AM!!!! Huge difference. Thank you Windows Direct!!!!”

Rory R.
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“These guys came in and quickly measured, quoted and then kept me updated through the whole process. Great Work. I was even able to continue working in the house while they worked around me.”

- Arthur and Claudia G.

“Professionally installed. We love our new windows and French door. Best price in town. Questions or concerns, Ray was right there every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough!!”

- Ray H.

“We were exceptionally pleased by the whole process. Ray was excellent to work with and the crew who came out to do the installation were first rate. The windows look great. Check out this company in Jacksonville.”

- Ken P.

“Excellent service,very professional people to deal with.The whole process from beginning to end was excellent. Would recommend them to everyone looking to have new windows. Very pleased with them.”

- Judith Z.

“Worked with Ray to tear down our old screened porch and installed a new sunroom with 7 awesome sliding house windows. Ray, Mike and their team did an excellent job and we are so happy with the final result. Now spend most of my time here. Great value for the job.”

- Vicki D.

“Excellent process all the way through from ordering to install. I had a room that was very warm in the morning because of the rising sun in the AM. After installing new windows, the room is no longer warm in the AM!!!! Huge difference. Thank you Windows Direct!!!!”

- Rory R.
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