Jacksonville Hurricane Window Replacement – Being Prepared

Oct 31, 2023

Hurricane Season Preparation

Your Guide To Preparing For Hurricane Season
In Jacksonville: Hurricane Window
Replacements, Go Bags, & More

Being Prepared Will Help
To Lessen Your Stress

When hurricane season hits, you are probably more than happy that your Jacksonville window replacements are rated to withstand hurricanes. However, you may still have several questions about how to prepare for a hurricane to ensure your readiness.

For example, are there special considerations to make for your hurricane window replacements? Do you need to do anything to ensure these windows are ready to do their job?

What items should you have packed in case you need to evacuate? Should you always have a “go bag” ready to go?

These are all great questions that Jacksonville area homeowners wonder about. It makes sense to wonder since the area is hit with hurricanes on average every two years.

We have your guide to all the questions you may have about being prepared, and hopefully, with this information, you can lower your stress a bit, knowing you are ready for anything.

Preparing Your Hurricane Window Replacements

The good news is that your hurricane windows should be good to go without doing much work. For those homeowners who have installed storm shutters on their homes, when you know a hurricane is ready to make landfall, it is time to secure the shutters.

With this being said, double-check that there are no branches, bushes, or the like near the window. After all, there is no reason to give Mother Nature more ammunition against your home.

Many who live in hurricane areas will take the time to access the grounds to ensure there is nothing that could hurt their home, including their windows. They consider this a maintenance type of check each season to protect their entire property. And it is not a bad idea for any Jacksonville area homeowner to follow.

The Essential Go Bag Every Jacksonville Resident Will Need

Your “go bag” will be the bags you grab when you need to evacuate the area. In these situations, you are often down to the wire and must get out before the hurricane hits the area. So, what should your go bag contain?

Here is a list of items that everyone should have on hand when they have to evacuate to make the transition smooth:

  1. Insurance papers for your home and vehicles
  2. Important papers like birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.
  3. Photographs that you want to ensure are kept for years to come
  4. All your medications, as you don’t know when you will be back home
  5. Few extra changes of clothing for yourself and everyone in your family
  6. Extra cash to ensure you have enough funds to get out of the impact zone
  7. Cell phone charger because the last thing you need is to have your cell go dead
  8. Small mementos that you may not want to lose should something happen to your home

Ideally, everyone in your home will have their bag of essentials they are grabbing and taking with them. Remember, you are not trying to load down your entire car with items, just those that you would be sick to lose and those that are important to have.

Make your go bags and have them in a front entrance closet so they are easy to grab. You may have to grab the essential documents and medications to add to the bag, but that should only take a few moments.

A Short List Of Essentials To Have For Your Jacksonville
Home During Hurricane Season

When a hurricane approaches the area, panic takes root throughout the community. While some are not panicking because they have “been there and done that,” just as many are running out to stores and stocking up on what they consider to be essentials.

So, what do you need to have in your home to ensure you are prepared for whatever the hurricane may dish out? These items are always recommended to have on hand and stocked:

  • Blankets/Pillows
  • Bottled water
  • Canned food
  • Protein bars
  • Can opener
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Candles
  • Lighter

Ideally, you want to be stocked to the point that you are not thirsty or starving if the electricity is out for three to four days and you are stuck in your home. The essentials to have in your home will vary depending on what you need to survive.

Take the time to make a list of items you could not live without, and these will be items you need to have stockpiled in your home.

Most Important: Listen to Your Jacksonville Government

When hurricane season hits the area, you must listen to what your local weather stations and government say. It does not matter how great your hurricane window replacements are or how much food you have stockpiled if the hurricane is estimated to cause a significant tragedy.

If you are told to remove yourself from the area, then listen and do so. Too many people suffer from injuries and casualties in their families because they do not heed the warnings that are given.

Remember, your home can be rebuilt, and its items can be replaced. You and your family cannot be replaced.

When the governor states that anyone in the Jacksonville area should evacuate, this is meant to be taken seriously. Look at past tragedies in which people refused to listen and were stranded for weeks while the government worked to get its way to them. Do not put yourself into this type of situation.

Upgrade To Hurricane Window Replacements In Jacksonville

For further protection of your home during a Jacksonville hurricane, we offer window replacements that can give you peace of mind. If you are ready to see what a hurricane window installation could do for you, Preferred Upgrades is here to answer your questions.

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