How To Prepare For Your Clay County Siding Replacement

Dec 30, 2023

Front porch of light brown house with potted plants

How To Prepare Your Clay County Home
For Siding Replacement

Steps To Take To Alleviate
The Stress From Your
Siding Installation

Installing replacement siding on your Clay County home is an exciting time. With replacement siding, you’ll reap the benefits of increased property value, higher curb appeal, energy efficiency, and lower energy bills.

But there are several steps you’ll have to take to prepare your home for a siding replacement. Siding is designed to last for many years – most siding should last at least two decades – and proper installation is critical for everything going off without a hitch.

The outside of your home needs to be easily accessible to the technicians. This means trees, bushes, furniture, and everything close to the sides of your home will have to be cleared out of the way.

Let’s check out the nine steps you must take to prepare your Clay County home for siding installation.

Step 1: Move Or Cover Outdoor Furniture And Decor

Siding installation is messy work. That’s why protecting your outdoor furniture and decor from the job site is so important.

Patio furniture, birdbaths, outdoor grills, and other items can be damaged if you don’t move them out of the way of the technicians. The last thing you want is to sacrifice your outdoor furniture for your new siding.

Step 2: Clear A Pathway To The Job Site

At Preferred Upgrades, our siding experts are excellent at their jobs – but they aren’t superheroes. This is why it’s imperative to make it easy for them to access the areas of your home that need siding installed.

Whether your whole house is getting new siding or just a part of it, make sure the technicians can easily get to where they need to be.

Step 3: Prepare Your Yard For The Job

Trees and shrubs that are close to or touching your house can pose an obstacle and a hazard for the technicians who come to install your new siding. Make sure to trim back trees and bushes to provide as easy access to the sides of your house as possible.

You should move your potted plants, and vegetable gardens or gardens that can’t be moved should be covered to keep them from getting damaged during installation.

Step 4: Prepare Your Home’s Interior

It’s easy to think about your house’s exterior needing preparation for a siding installation project, but preparing your home’s interior is just as important.

A siding replacement service can be loud and messy. Pounding, shifting, and tearing off old siding will cause vibrations inside your home, damaging wall hangings and other fragile items.

Before your siding installation job begins, remove all fragile, breakable items from the walls and shelves so you won’t be left with a mess of damage once the siding job is complete.

Step 5: Park Your Car In An Alternate Location

With most siding installation projects, a dumpster will be delivered to your home to dispose of the old siding. The messiness of the job puts your car at risk of damage, so make sure to park your vehicle in a place other than your driveway on the day of the job.

Step 6: Keep Pets And Children Away From The Job Site

Siding installation is a messy, noisy, dangerous job. For the safety of your pets and children, make arrangements to keep them away from the job site on the day of installation.

Step 7: Make Alternate Work Arrangements If You Work From Home

Due to the noisiness of your siding installation project, you should make alternate work arrangements if you usually work from home so you can be away from the job site when the job begins.

Step 8: Shut Off Exterior Power

Though the risk of electric shock is relatively low, you should shut off your exterior power so the technicians aren’t harmed on the job.

Step 9: Communicate With Your Contractor

Preparing your home for siding installation can be overwhelming, and your siding contractor is there to help. At Preferred Upgrades, we’re happy to answer any questions or let you know what needs to be done to prepare your home for siding installation.

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Siding replacement can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Preferred Upgrades take the stress out of the process by answering all your questions and delivering outstanding service.

If you’re thinking of replacing the siding of your Clay County home, fill out our online form today.