Bring The Sun indoors With A Beautiful New Sunroom Addition!

Jan 19, 2024

Sunroom Addition Jacksonville Preferred Upgrades

Enjoy The Florida Sun Without The
Heat With A Sunroom Addition
To Your Jacksonville Home

Enjoy The Outdoors From The
Comfort Of Your Home

The beautiful Florida sun is plentiful – it’s one of the main attractions of the Sunshine State. But during the summer months, the heat can be downright unbearable. You can enjoy the sun without the heat with a sunroom addition to your Jacksonville home.

At Preferred Upgrades, we are the top choice for sunroom additions in the Jacksonville area. Our sunrooms are custom-designed to fit seamlessly into your home, whether you already have additional space or need a completely new add-on.

But what are the benefits of adding a sunroom to your Jacksonville home? A sunroom can make an enormous difference in your home, from increasing the property value to sustainable living.

Benefit 1: A Sunroom Increases Your Home’s Property Value

Let’s face it – most people move to Florida for the year-round summer weather. This means if you ever plan on putting your house on the market, having a sunroom will give you an advantage in attracting potential buyers.

Not only does the sunroom itself boost your home’s market value, but the added square footage is another advantage that adds to the property cost.

Cozy Sunroom Jacksonville Preferred Upgrades

Benefit 2: Adding A Sunroom Leads To Better Health

Studies show that sunlight boosts your physical and mental health.

By having a space where you can relax in the sun without the heat, bugs, and risk of sunburn, you can see an immediate benefit in your body and mood. Since sunrooms are ideal for growing plants, you can add cleaner air to the long list of health benefits.

A few of the many health benefits that come from natural sunlight are:

  • Better sleep due to improved circadian rhythm
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased Vitamin D
  • Low blood pressure
  • Better mood

Take the next step in healthy living for you and your family by adding a sunroom to your Jacksonville home.

Benefit 3: A Sunroom Can Lead To More Energy Efficiency

A sunroom increases the amount of natural light inside your home, especially during the summer when the days are longer. This prevents the need to run electric lights during the day.

We use the most energy-efficient windows in our sunrooms at Preferred Upgrades, preventing your home from heating up too much and keeping your HVAC system from overworking.

Benefit 4: Your Sunroom Can Function As A Greenhouse,
Which Can Help With Sustainable Living

We all know that fresh produce is key to better health and lower grocery bills, but it can be difficult to find the space. Gardening in your backyard works great, except for the risks of pests, torrential rains, and drought that can damage the plants you worked so hard to nurture.

With a sunroom, you can grow produce in a safe, climate-controlled environment. No more worrying about tomato worms and squash beetles!

Benefit 5: A Sunroom Adds Extra Space To Your Home

In addition to the increased property value that adds more square footage to your home, adding a sunroom adds more space you can use for your various activities.

Maybe you’re having friends or extended family staying with you for a while, making your home cramped. Maybe working from home was a great idea until you had to do it from your small house every day.

Well, having a sunroom gives you more space to use in any way you see fit. Considering a home office but didn’t have the room before? Or a workout room where you can get into shape from the comfort of your own home? With a beautiful, professional sunroom addition from Preferred Upgrades, the possibilities are endless!

Benefit 6: With A Sunroom, You Don’t
Have To Worry About Pests

Did you ever try to host a gathering for family and friends in your backyard, only for everyone to get eaten alive by mosquitos?

Well, not anymore! With a sunroom, you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing get-together without swatting at bugs every five seconds. You can enjoy the warm summer nights of Northern Florida without the pests.

Preferred Upgrades: Jacksonville’s Number
One Choice For Sunroom Additions

When you love spending time in the Florida sun but aren’t crazy about the heat and humidity, turn to Preferred Upgrades for a stunning new sunroom addition. We strive for excellence in all our sunroom installations and won’t rest until your sunroom is exactly how you’ve always imagined it – maybe even better!

If you’re considering adding a sunroom to your Jacksonville Area home, fill out our online form or call us directly at 904-503-2467.