Breathe New Life Into Your Porch With A Lanai Conversion

Jan 23, 2024

Spacious Lanai Conversions Jacksonville Preferred Upgrades

Lanai Conversions: How To Turn Your
Jacksonville Home’s Patio Or
Porch Into A Liveable Space

Adding The Beauty And Simplicity
Of The Outdoors To Your Home

Screened-in porches and patios are great in the home description but may not be very practical or useful – especially in the heat of Jacksonville summer. Transforming your porch or patio with a lanai conversion in Jacksonville can mean finally putting that wasted space to good use.

But how, exactly, do you turn your lanai into a liveable space? Adding finishing touches, such as area rugs, blinds, and curtains, can go a long way in making a space feel cozy and inviting. Knowing how you want to use your space is key to understanding exactly how to best turn your extra space into the space of your dreams.

Step 1: Make Sure Your AC Extends
To Your Lanai Conversion

One of the main reasons porches and patios are seldom used is the lack of AC. Now that you’ve extended and enclosed your porch or patio, don’t overlook the essential detail of ensuring your new addition has functioning AC. It wouldn’t be of much use to have an enclosed porch or patio just to suffer with the same sweltering heat as before!

At Preferred Upgrades, we handle everything – and we mean everything! From using the most energy-efficient windows to installing an AC unit in your addition, we are Jacksonville’s proven best at lanai conversions. So sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle the rest!

Step 2: Make Sure You Have Sufficient
Lighting In Your Lanai Conversion

Let’s be honest – if you wanted to sit in the dark under a single porchlight, you wouldn’t have opted for a lanai conversion.

Enough light means the difference between having a relaxing space where you can sit and socialize or a dim, impractical indoor extension of your porch or patio. Ensuring your electrical is up to date and can extend to your enclosed porch or patio is vital.

At Preferred Upgrades, our excellent contractors can ensure your electrical is sufficient – or upgrade it if necessary. Whatever the case, you can trust us to turn your boring porch or patio into an in-home paradise.

Lanai Conversion Patio Jacksonville Preferred Upgrades

Step 3: Adding The Right Flooring In A Lanai Conversion

Porch and patio spaces are typically just extensions of your front or backyards and, as such, usually have rough, lower-quality flooring suited for the outdoors.

When you transform your porch or patio into a lanai, you can pick out nicer flooring more suited for the indoors. Choose attractive tile or stone flooring to keep your space cool, and pair it with a bold area rug for an eye-catching aesthetic.

Step 4: Choosing The Best Windows
For Your Lanai Conversion

The most eye-catching features of lanai conversions are the glass walls, which allow ample sun and warmth into your porch or patio space without the constant bugs or risk of sudden thunderstorms.

Energy-efficient windows allow sunlight to warm your home while blocking harmful UV rays. Since the Jacksonville Area is no stranger to violent storms, we also have a line of attractive and affordable hurricane-impact windows to keep your home safe in a tropical storm.

Step 5: Adding The Finishing Touches
To Your Lanai Conversion

We’re not just talking about shelves and comfy furniture. Features such as curtains and blinds will go a long way in helping you maximize your home’s energy efficiency and make your lanai conversion more comfortable – especially if your porch or patio faces south.

Thick, energy-efficient curtains and blinds can mean the difference between having a warm place to relax and having an overheated space.

Step 6: Know What You Want To
Use Your Lanai Enclosure For

Knowing exactly what you want to use your enclosed porch or patio for will influence your decisions when it comes to choosing furniture and other features.

Do you want to use your lanai as a home office? Then a comfortable desk and office chair might be best. Are you planning to have gatherings where your family and friends can socialize? Consider adding a small bar and some comfortable chairs to make the space more inviting.

Preferred Upgrades: For The Best Lanai
Conversions In Jacksonville, Florida

You’ve weighed the costs, you’ve calculated the benefits, and you’re now excited about transforming your porch or patio into a beautiful, relaxing, enclosed space. But who to choose for the work?

At Preferred Upgrades, we’ve gained a reputation for excellence through outstanding service, high-quality products, and hard work. We’ve been serving the Jacksonville Area for years and understand the unique needs of homeowners in Northern Florida.

If you’re considering a lanai conversion for your home or just have a few questions, fill out our online form or call us at 904-503-2467.