6 Signs You Need An Orange Park Window Replacement

Apr 20, 2024

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6 Signs Your Orange Park Windows Are Failing
And You Need A Window Replacement

Determining When To Hire The Experts For
Your Next Window Installation

Your windows are an integral part of your home; thus, when they fail, you need to take action. Window replacement in Orange Park is something that all homeowners will need at one point or another.

In the Jacksonville Area, windows see winds, storms, hurricanes, intense heat, and blazing sun. These elements can slowly decrease a window’s ability to protect itself fully.

However, how do you know when your windows are at the point they need to be replaced? Several signs point to replacement windows being required for your home; let’s check them out!

1. Spending More Money On Your Energy Bills

Have your energy bills increased in the last few months or years? While most people don’t think anything of an increase, it could be something you could stop.

As windows age, they tend to lose their airtightness. This means your energy bills will increase as cold air is let out of the house and hot air is allowed in.

If you can feel air moving around your windows, chances are your energy bills have gone up, and it is your windows’ fault. Window replacement is the best option to get a tight seal and potentially lower energy bills.

2. You See Cracks In Your Energy-Efficient Windows

When you look at your windows, is the glass cracked or chipped? While you may not see anything wrong with having small cracks or chips in the window, it does mean that your window is not as energy efficient as it once was.

It could also mean that harmful UV rays from the sun are making their way into your house. While that doesn’t mean you need to sit around with sunscreen on, you may notice furniture, curtains, or even flooring near the damaged window starting to fade and look worn.

3. You May Need Window Replacement
If Your Windows Are Old

How old are your windows? Most windows last anywhere from fifteen to thirty years. If you have never replaced your windows, chances are they are getting close to their expiration date.

Windows from twenty years ago are not as strong or effective as modern windows. Thus, upgrading your windows to something new could deliver various benefits.

These benefits include lower energy bills, your beautiful windows enhancing your curb appeal, and all-around better-functioning windows.

4. You Notice Condensation On
Your Orange Park Windows

When the weather is extremely hot outside, and you turn up the AC to keep your interior cool, do you notice condensation start to build on your windows? While condensation may not always mean your window is faulty, it can be a reason for window replacement.

Many people find that condensation indicates air leaks around the window. A lot of condensation can penetrate the woodwork around your window, leading to mold and mildew issues. It’s best to replace the window to avoid further issues.

5. Your Orange County Windows Are Discolored

Have your once clear windows now become yellowed and tarnished? If so, replacing them can significantly affect the amount of natural light entering your home.

Plus, discolored windows are an eyesore. Who wants that?

6. Windows That Won’t Shut Or Lock Properly Mean
You Need A Window Replacement

Do you almost throw your back out when closing or opening your windows? Or do you find that your windows do not lock properly?

These are not only safety issues but can also be a security threat. Immediately replacing windows that do not shut, open, or lock properly is one of the best ways to protect your home.

Free Estimates For Your Orange Park Window Replacement

You may consider replacing your Orange Park windows if you notice any of these signs. Luckily, Preferred Upgrades is here to help you get the best windows to enhance your home.

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